The dawn of the connected car.

There are more than 1.2 billion cars on planet earth. While each of us spends on average 90 minutes per day in a car, often stuck in traffic, life seems to be on pause. What if you could live your life in the car just the way you love it? It is time to turn driving into living.

This is possible because the automotive industry is undergoing the most profound and most fascinating changes in over 100 years of history, driven by electrification, connectivity and autonomous driving. Now is the dawn of the connected car, facilitated by technologies including 4G to 5G mobile network, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and shared economy. All of these are in place and start booming.

So we are convinced that future mobility is not about improving driving performance. We will replace cylinders and horsepower by connectivity and technology you care about. In doing so, we are creating the next-generation smart device: the car. And we call it BYTON.

BYTON lets you do what you want to do. Enjoy entertainment and boost your productivity. Make plans for work and your spare time. Or simply cherish each and every moment in your private place of retreat.


Revealed on January 7.

4 months after our brand reveal in Shanghai, the much anticipated BYTON Concept premiered to the world during CES on January 7th, 2018 in Las Vegas.

BYTON co-founders Dr. Carsten Breitfeld and Dr. Daniel Kirchert revealed the world’s first Smart Intuitive Vehicle (SIV) to the world’s most trusted voices in the technology and automotive industries. With the vision to turn miles into smiles, BYTON replaces horsepower with digital power and aim to create a new world with smart and connected mobility.


Born on September 7.

After months of concept creation, team building and project development, we finally unveiled our brand in the heart of Shanghai. In this beautiful place combining traditional Chinese and modern architecture, before a large crowd and smartphones taking pictures, we revealed our name, our vision and our strategy. The passion for new technology and dreams for a new connected mobility have never felt so alive, and it is only the beginning. See you soon at the CES in January 2018 for our next step: the presentation of our car.


time to be.