Smart connectivity

The fastest car on the
data highway.

BYTON takes you to the forefront of connected mobility. Multiple modems and fully integrated flat antennas provide a bandwidth of up to 1000 Mbit/s. Onboard programmable SIM cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and shared connectivity maximize coverage and increase connectivity options. Your BYTON will be the fastest and most reliably connected vehicle on the data highway.


Be smart. Be secure.

Data security will always be our priority. BYTON
encrypts and protects your data not only when it is
being sent to our cloud but while
it is on your vehicle.

Through investments in security research our Security Labs team continuously develop cutting edge solutions to protect against future attacks.

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Autonomous driving

Turning boredom into freedom.

Forget time on the road; enjoy life on the go. Be free to do whatever you wish in your car, besides driving. As one of the key pioneers in autonomous driving, we develop our own autonomous driving technology to liberate you like never before. BYTON Concept epitomizes the first-ever purpose-built car aimed towards a fully autonomous future.

Paving the way for a fully autonomous future.

Beyond its most advanced driver-assistance systems and global 5-star NCAP performance, what further sets BYTON apart is its innate compatibility with further autonomous driving capabilities. Right from the start, your BYTON will have Level III functionality and will be ready for Level IV autonomous driving from 2020.

What is connectivity without continuity?

Our unique plug-and-play architecture allows you to update software as well as hardware. In one word, your BYTON is future-proof.

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Electric mobility

A big step forward with a smaller environmental footprint.

Pleasing to the eyes, soft to the ears and relaxing to the mind and body: let your senses be moved, as you are moving. Incidentally, living your electric dream has never been so affordable either.

Building the future on a flexible platform.

BYTON is fully electric, engineered on a platform dedicated to electric power. Similar to our autonomous driving strategy and approach to vehicle safety, the battery enclosure is future-ready. In fact, it will always be able to receive the latest generation of battery, ensuring high efficiency even after years of running.

The primary car in every household.

With fast DC charging, it takes you only 30 minutes to charge the battery up to 80%. Moreover, with an electric range of up to 325 miles (520km) in NEDC, BYTON is poised to serve as the primary car in your household.


The significance of electric.

We innovate where it is meaningful, making the ride an unprecedented premium experience that is not only easy on your senses, but also affordable and accessible. It has never been this easy to upgrade your mobility in the electric era.


Enjoy the sound of silence.

Silence is golden with electric engines. By using advanced passive noise cancellation and vibration reduction systems Such as an innovative suspension design, we leverage the calming effects of electric powertrains. This will provide you with one of the quietest riding experiences ever so that you can relish each and every moment in your private place of retreat.

Intuitive interface

Effortless interactions.

Your BYTON understands you like a trusted friend. It recognizes you through face recognition, talks to you and adapts to your needs. With a simple swipe of your fingers, you can intuitively operate the touch displays. And as communication is never a one-way street, BYTON Gesture Control also responds to your hand gestures. All in all, we give you five dimensions of control.