The world’s first Smart Intuitive Vehicle.

Designed with expressive proportions and iconic digital elements, the first BYTON reminds you that future mobility is fuelled by intelligence. You might say this car looks like an SUV, but smarter.
And that’s exactly what it is: the first Smart Intuitive Vehicle.

New design aesthetics.

With its masculine proportions and a length of 191 inches (4.85 meters), the first BYTON shows its new design aesthetics in every aspect, including the closed front-end fascia, disappearing door handles, hidden antennas and a sleek, sloping roofline.

Intelligent signature elements.

Conventional automotive styling features are giving way to innovative design icons. Side-view cameras replace side mirrors, iconic face recognition cameras provide user identification and BYTON Smart Surfaces show a situation-based interacting light design. These are just some of the intelligent signature elements that reinforce the visible digital power of the vehicle.


Staging the digital life.

We are not only creating an electric vehicle, but also building a bridge between tradition and vision. The interior design character of a BYTON arises from the contrast between high-tech details and high-class materials. BYTON vehicles will be driven by innovation and craftsmanship, no less. Not only will this be evident, it will also be experienced through the finest details. It is time to shape the future by making the present perfect.

Welcome to your personal lounge.

Sit back, relax and feel at home. Inviting color concepts, luxury materials and traditional craftsmanship blend with flair to give a bespoke lounge experience. All our seats are designed to be individually adjustable so you can stay cosy at all times. Sidepods under the armrest of the front seats provide exclusive storage space for items such as tablets or e-readers..

Interior digital elements.

The lounge feeling is intensified by outstanding digital provisions. First, be wide-eyed with the 49-inch coast-to-coast BYTON Shared Experience Display. Experience gesture control through BYTON Air Touch, interact using voice command and activate the main controls with the BYTON Driver Tablet. All these features underscore our vehicle’s extraordinary digital capability.


Effortless interactions.

Your BYTON understands you like a trusted friend. It recognizes you through face recognition, talks to you and adapts to your needs. With a simple swipe of your fingers, you can intuitively operate the touch displays. And as communication is never a one-way street, BYTON Air Touch also responds to your hand gestures.
All in all, we give you five dimensions of control.



Rethink what you can do in a car.

It’s not about redefining cars; it’s about refining life. With mobility solutions that provide enjoyable time for people on the move, BYTON transforms cars and traffic into places of well-being.

Safety is a BYTON founding principle. Augmented Reality mirrors have been added in the driver’s field of vision and all systems have been intensively tested against driver distraction for you to enjoy the new BYTON Experiences with peace of mind, even ahead of the fully autonomous driving era.

Track your health status.

Synchronize all your smart devices with BYTON and make use of onboard fitness sensors such as the wireless wrist band and the weighing seat base to generate insights and spot-on suggestions that help you improve your health and fitness status. Sleep and workout data, heart frequency, blood pressure and oxygen level – your BYTON becomes your private health and fitness partner.

Leverage your commuting time.

BYTON puts people first. It allows you to easily connect with family, friends and colleagues. Simply open ‘my COMMUNICATION’ and see all your contacts in one place. Choose your preferred way to reach out, be it a phone or video call through your favorite social media app, a video conference, a message, email or video clip. It has also never been this easy to share content directly from your seat. Simply drop your files in conversations to instantly send them to the relevant people.

Share fun on the go.

With the simultaneous integration of streaming services, you can enjoy your favorite programs uninterrupted, in or out of your BYTON. Whatever you subscribe to, just play on your smart device, jump in the car and the streaming can continue from where you left off, without you having to do anything. The same applies when you arrive at your destination. Just hop out and enjoy the rest of the show on your smart device.

Become the master of your time.

True to our people-oriented approach, BYTON focuses on what really matters when it comes to managing your activities: time. Simply drag and drop events on your BYTON Smart Agenda timeline to reorganize your schedule in real time. This unique function works together with a state-of-the-art navigation system that features 3D mapping with intelligent suggested stops. These are based on the matching of your schedule, preferences and nearby points of interest.


A new platform to power your life.

BYTON Life is a smart and open cloud platform that seamlessly connects your applications, data and devices. It is the backbone that enables an intuitive and engaging experience with BYTON. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, BYTON Life will offer you personalized services and entertaining interactions.

Every BYTON feels like your BYTON.

A personal experience awaits you when you enter a BYTON. It identifies you through face recognition and retrieves your personal profile from the cloud. In the process, it completely adapts to your needs, personally welcoming you as it automatically adjusts seating, temperature as well as screen preferences. Thanks to your BYTON ID, you will be instantly familiar with every BYTON – even if it is a shared car.

Seamlessly connected to your life.

Continue your connected life in your BYTON. Enjoy your favorite apps, listen to music from your smartphone or continue watching your favorite TV shows. While your life simply continues in the car, you can always stay connected to your vehicle. BYTON Life knows your schedule and provides you with notifications on your smartphone or smartwatch, making your mobility agenda easier and your life more convenient.


Visualize your BYTON.

Configure your BYTON just the way you like it by using the BYTON Visualizer. Choose the body color and wheel design that best suit you. In the BYTON App, use Augmented Reality to envision how the life-sized version would look like, right at your doorstep!

M-Byte Concept

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