Effortless interactions.

Your BYTON understands you like a trusted friend. It recognizes you through face recognition, talks to you and adapts to your needs. With a simple swipe of your fingers, you can intuitively operate the touch displays. And as communication is never a one-way street, BYTON Air Touch also responds to your hand gestures.
All in all, we give you five dimensions of control.



A new platform to power your life.

BYTON Life is a smart and open cloud platform that seamlessly connects your applications, data and devices. It is the backbone that enables an intuitive and engaging experience with BYTON. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, BYTON Life will offer you personalized services and entertaining interactions.

Every BYTON feels like your BYTON.

A personal experience awaits you when you enter a BYTON. It identifies you through face recognition and retrieves your personal profile from the cloud. In the process, it completely adapts to your needs, personally welcoming you as it automatically adjusts seating, temperature as well as screen preferences. Thanks to your BYTON ID, you will be instantly familiar with every BYTON – even if it is a shared car.

Seamlessly connected to your life.

Continue your connected life in your BYTON. Enjoy your favorite apps, listen to music from your smartphone or continue watching your favorite TV shows. While your life simply continues in the car, you can always stay connected to your vehicle. BYTON Life knows your schedule and provides you with notifications on your smartphone or smartwatch, making your mobility agenda easier and your life more convenient.