The best way to shape a car around life is to start from a blank sheet of paper, with your well-being as the primary determining factor. By designing a unique platform for a purely electric powertrain, we open an individual living space for you to enrich each of your journeys.

Connectivity is the rising force of mobility. Cars of the future will reliably drive you to new places while seamlessly connecting you to your environment. So why should cars still celebrate horsepower when the sources of power have changed for good? We are replacing outdated automotive references with icons of the new driving force. For the first time, car design will harmoniously interpret a new ideal of beauty, and celebrate the unprecedented digital power.

Bringing an innovative design and unique space to life takes a lot of creative talent. Through a strong global mindset, our multicultural design team is establishing the signature elements of digitized mobility. Best-in-segment proportions will lead to an outstanding interior, in which you will make the most of every moment. Altogether, these elements will form a completely new identity highlighting innovative and intuitive functionalities.


time to be.