September 8th 2017

FMC Smart BEV Industrial Park Breaks Ground in Nanjing, First Car to Roll Off in 2019

Nanjing, 8 September 2017 - Future Mobility Corporation Ltd (FMC) today held the ground-breaking ceremony for its Smart BEV Industrial Park project in Nanjing.The park, located atNanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangsu Province, with total investment of RMB11.07 billion, boasts a planned area of 1,600 mu and a designed capacity of 300,000 units. FMC’s first volume production SUV model is expected to roll off its production lines in 2019.

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Secretary of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Zhang Jinghuaand other senior officials attended the ground-breaking ceremony alongsideFMC CEO&Co-Founder Dr. Carsten Breitfeld and President&Co-Founder Dr. Daniel Kirchert.

FMC plans to build its Smart BEV Industrial Park in several phases. The 1stphase, which has a planned capacity of 100,000 vehicles, will be put into operation by the end of 2019. FMC will build an intelligent manufacturing base, an R&D center and a customer experience center at the industrial park.

FMC is committed to creating the ‘next-generation smart plant’. The planning and design of its manufacturing base is in accordance with ‘Industry 4.0’ technologies. It will be equipped with the moststate-of-the-art production facilities in the world, and follow a highly intelligent management process. The base will also be constructed with the highest possible level of environmental protection and energy-saving standards, reflecting the concept of green and sustainable development.

Additionally, the park will adopt an ‘open design’ approach. Employees and visitors can view the bodywork conveyor belt from their office or the internal courtyard, experiencing the sensation of their cars being manufactured. An elevated corridor will create a magnificent vision –a perfect blend of people and plant.

"The commencement of the industrial park is a key step inFMCmoving from concept to reality and a milestone in the company’s development. Our core competence in manufacturing will be a critical competitive advantage for FMC.” Dr. Carsten Breitfeld explained.

"The industrial park is an important part of the company’s strategy of being rooted in China, the center of our global footprint.We will work closely with local governments as well as upstream and downstream partners for a shared vision of future mobility.”addedDr. Daniel Kirchert.

FMC Smart BEV Industrial Park has been included in Jiangsu’s major project list, receiving great attention and solid support from both thelocal government.. The Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone is ranked among the top 10 state-level development zones in China in terms of its comprehensive development strength.

In 2016, the development zone’s total industrial output was valued at 327 billion yuan. The new energy automotive industry chain at thedevelopment zone is taking shape with the presence of mainstay enterprises across three core competencies:batteries,electric motors and electronic controls. The development zone will continue to further build on and improve its new energy industry clusters.

Just one day before the ground-breaking ceremony, FMC officially launched the brand’s English name BYTON, in Chinese拜腾(Baiteng), introduced its product positioning “next-generation smart device”–as well as innovativeuser interface along with other highlights.

BYTON’s UI includes a 125cm long, 25cm high Shared Experience Display (SED). Content shown on the display can be shared with other passengers in the car, just like a shared living room. A touch wheel allows the driver to control the SED in real time while ensuring safety. It has a range of functions, including hand tracking, face recognition, and emotion recognition, among others, offering an intuitive and unprecedented human-machine interface experience.



BYTON aspires to build premium intelligent electric vehicles for the future. Its crafted cars integrate advanced digital technologies to offer customers a smart, connected, comfortable and eco-friendly driving and mobility experience.

BYTON aims to create a premium brand rooted in China which has a global reach. Its global headquarters, intelligent manufacturing base and R&D center are located in Nanjing, China, while its North American headquarters, devoted to intelligent car experience, autonomous driving, whole vehicle integration and other cutting-edge technologies, is based in the Silicon Valley. The company’s vehicle concept and design center is located in Munich. BYTON also has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to handle external affairs, marketing, sales, design and investor relations.

BYTON’s core management team is made up of the world’s top experts from China, Europe and the U.S., all of whom have held senior management positions in innovative companies such as BMW, Tesla, Google and Apple. Their expertise covers automotive design, automotive engineering and manufacturing, electric powertrain, intelligent connectivity, autonomous driving, user interface and supply chain management among other industry sectors, the sum of which represents BYTON’s strengths in manufacturing premium automobiles that are equipped with high quality internet technologies.

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