November 25th 2019

BYTON – Who We Are and What We Do

Last Updated March 2020 - BYTON is a premium, smart electric vehicle manufacturer focused on the future of mobility. As an EV startup, BYTON is more than another car brand. Its crafted cars integrate advanced digital technologies to offer customers a smart, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly driving and mobility experience.

The company aims to create a premium brand rooted in China with global reach via a network of highly integrated operations. The headquarters of the company is in Nanjing, China, which is also home to its “industry 4.0” intelligent manufacturing base. BYTON has set up R&D Centers in China, North America and Europe. Its North American headquarters in Silicon Valley is focused on developing cutting-edge technologies for applications across the intelligent car user experience, as well as developing and managing North American operations. The European R&D center is based in Munich, Germany, and is responsible for design, prototypes and concept models. BYTON also has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, which oversee external affairs, marketing, sales, design and investor relations.

byton m byte and k byte concept

BYTON M-Byte Concept and BYTON K-Byte Concept

BYTON M-Byte Concept and BYTON K-Byte Concept

BYTON will manufacture three new models based on its BYTON Smart EV Platform, including an SUV, a sedan and an MPV. The first model, the BYTON M-Byte*, is a premium, smart, mid-sized electric SUV.

The BYTON M-Byte Concept had its world premiere at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, with its European debut at Milan Design Week in April of 2018, and its China debut at Auto China 2018 in Beijing. BYTON’s second concept vehicle, the BYTON K-Byte Concept, is a premium sedan designed for the era of autonomous driving, which was unveiled to the world in Shanghai at BYTON Night in June 2018, one day before its CES Asia 2018 reveal.

The M-Byte production model was unveiled at the IAA 2019.

Top Experts from all over the world

BYTON Chief Executive Officer and founder of BYTON, Dr. Daniel Kirchert is a well-recognized leader in the premium auto industry and is widely regarded as an expert in the automotive landscape in China. Before starting BYTON, he led BMW and Infiniti in achieving record sales in China.

BYTON’s core management team consists of leading experts in their respective fields from China, Europe and the U.S., all of whom have held senior management positions in innovative companies such as BMW, Tesla, Google and Apple. Their expertise covers automotive design, automotive engineering and manufacturing, electric powertrain, intelligent connectivity and supply chain management among other industry sectors, the sum of which represents BYTON’s strengths in R&D and manufacturing premium automobiles that are equipped with cutting-edge digital technologies.

BYTON is an innovation-driven startup and has successfully completed series B financing. Current shareholders include BYTON’s founding team and well-recognized investor groups such as Nanjing Qiningfeng New Energy Automotive Industrial Investment Fund, FAW and CATL, among others. BYTON has concurrently been actively sourcing overseas capital.

The cooperation with the major Japanese integrated trading and investment business conglomerate Marubeni is the second time BYTON has brought in an overseas strategic investor, after signing an agreement in September 2019 with South Korean auto parts maker Myoung Shin Co.

BYTON Plant built to Industry 4.0 standards

The BYTON Nanjing plant covers an area of 800,000 square meters, with a total investment of over 1.4 billion Euros (USD $1.5 billion). It incorporates the world’s best equipment and production processes, and follows the highest standards in safety and environmentally responsible production.

Plant construction, which started in September 2017, is nearing completion. Construction of the five major workshops – namely stamping, welding, painting, assembly and battery – has been completed with equipment currently being installed and commissioning underway.

BYTON’s Nanjing plant is built to industry 4.0 standards, using global leading manufacturing equipment and technology:

  • The stamping shop, using the industry-top servo press, completes one panel every 3 seconds on average. It will be one of the fastest stamping production lines in China.
  • The welding shop, which incorporates 335 welding robots supplied by leading manufacturing equipment provider KUKA, boosts the automation rate to 99%.
  • The paint shop is equipped with cutting-edge painting technologies such as a “3 Coating 2 Baking” system and thin film pre-treatment as well as the transverse “Eco-Incure” oven technology – one of the first in China.
  • The battery shop will produce and assemble battery packs, designed independently by BYTON. Leading battery maker CATL provides the battery cells and modules, while aluminum maker Constellium supplies the aluminum battery tray.
BYTON milestones
  • September 2017: The founding team of BYTON announces its English and Chinese brands: BYTON and 拜腾.
  • September 2017: BYTON holds a groundbreaking ceremony for its intelligent manufacturing base – the BYTON Smart BEV Industrial Park.
  • December 2017: BYTON opens North American Headquarter.
  • January 2018: The BYTON MByte Concept celebrates its global debut at CES in Las Vegas.
  • April 2018: European debut of the BYTON M-Byte Concept at Milan Design Week.
  • April 2018: Start of the European Roadshow with stops in Munich, Oslo and Amsterdam.
  • April 2018: BYTON signs strategic cooperation investment framework agreement with FAW.
  • April 2018: BYTON M-Byte Concept makes China debut at Beijing Auto Show.
  • April 2018: BYTON Nanjing trial shop is put into operation.
  • June 2018: BYTON opens Global Headquarters in Nanjing and completes its series B financing with USD $500 million.
  • June 2018: Global debut of the BYTON K-Byte Concept at BYTON Night in Shanghai.
  • August 2018: First drivable prototypes leave the assembly hall for road and track testing.
  • August 2018: Start of the China roadshow with the BYTON M-Byte Concept.
  • January 2019: BYTON unveils BYTON M-Byte production model front-row design at CES in Las Vegas.
  • January 2019: BYTON opens the first BYTON Place in Shanghai.
  • March 2019: BYTON sets up National Sales Company (NSC) in China, focusing on the sales, marketing, digital operation, charging, channel and aftersales service in the Chinese market.
  • May 2019: The first body-in-white for BYTON M-Byte rolls off the production line of the BYTON factory plant in Nanjing.
  • June 2019: BYTON officially opens its Shanghai Design Studio, sharing the interior design details of BYTON M-Byte production model.
  • September 2019: BYTON shows M-Byte at IAA 2019 for the first time.
  • November 2019: BYTON M-Byte gives Asian Debut at Guangzhou Autoshow.
  • January 2020: BYTON presents first partnerships for the BYTON Stage at CES Las Vegas and premieres the M-Byte in North A.
  • March 2020: BYTON sets course for M-Byte launch in Europe, with announcing the first retail partners and a charging partner.
byton m byte interior light

BYTON M-Byte Production Car Cockpit

byton m byte driver tablet

BYTON M-Byte Production Car Driver Tablet

byton m byte co driver tablet

BYTON M-Byte Production Car Co-Driver Tablet

byton m byte platform 2

BYTON M-Byte Production Car Platform

Innovative user interface

The all-new, intelligent human-vehicle interactive system is one of BYTON’s distinctive features.

  • The BYTON Stage is a 48inch-wide curved Display that offers three areas for content. In full screen mode, the user can interact with the BYTON Stage via both a 7-inch Driver Tablet and an 8-inch Co-Driver Tablet.
  • The 7-inch Driver Tablet for key driver information and controls pioneered by BYTON will be at the center of the steering wheel just above the full-size driver airbag, serving as one of the main interfaces for the driver to personalize the vehicle and interact with the Display.
  • An 8-inch BYTON Co-Driver Tablet can be found between the driver and the front passenger seats, enabling the front passenger to control the BYTON Stage and enjoy an interactive experience.
  • Multiple interaction modes with the vehicle will be offered including touch control, voice control, physical buttons and gesture control.
  • Content partners for the BYTON Stage include ViacomCBS and Access for incar theater experience, AccuWeather, offering real time weather updates, Aiqudo for voice control of apps, CloudCar, providing a cloud-based infrastructure, Road.Travel for online trip booking and Xperi for digital HD Radio.
  • The BYTON Developer Program enables independent developers to create new applications for entertainment, health, productivity, eCommerce and other experiences that seamlessly merge the mobile and automotive worlds, which will then be jointly secured.
BYTON M-Byte Key Technical information (please refer to the BYTON M-Byte’s Spec Sheet for further information)
  • Powertrain configuration: Entry Level with one rear mounted electric motor, High Level with one rear and one front mounted electric motor.
  • Tailormade for fully electric mobility. Offering the flexibility of multiple wheelbases and body types - SUV, sedan and MPV.

  • The BYTON MByte will have several advanced ADAS Features from start of production. BYTON will not only update the car through advanced software but also prepare the vehicle architecture to handle hardware upgrades of sensors and cameras needed for advanced levels of assisted driving.

Please download the Press Kit Folder for further information.

*M-Byte is not yet available for sale. Specifications are preliminary and may change without notice. The content herein is provided for informational purposes only.

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BYTON develops and builds intelligent premium electric cars for the automotive future, in which mobility is increasingly becoming a digitally networked experience.

BYTON's core team consists of leading experts from the automotive, technology and digital industries. With its central production and development facility in Nanjing, China, its design development center in Munich and its technology development center in Silicon Valley, BYTON is internationally positioned and operates globally.

The series version of the premium electric SUV BYTON M-Byte celebrated its premiere at the IAA Frankfurt in 2019. Pre-series production of the BYTON M-Byte started in the fall of 2019.

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