Santa Clara, November 19 2019 - BYTON, the premium electric vehicle manufacturer, today announced that it has received from the state of California both a dealer license for its US retail entity, BYTON Cars California, LLC, and the distributor license for its North American distribution entity, BYTON Americas, LLC. Together these newly-licensed entities build the foundation of the company`s innovative hybrid retail model in the US.

Solidifies BYTON`s North American Market Entry Strategy

The California distributor license – along with the establishment of BYTON Americas, LLC – will facilitate the sale and service of vehicles using BYTON’s own infrastructure as well as through highly-competent, established automotive retail and aftersales service partners. This innovative approach will allow BYTON to deliver best-in-class customer experiences with the unique advantage of efficiently scaling its business leveraging capable partners across North America.

The California dealer license, secured under BYTON Cars California, LLC will make it possible to sell and lease directly to BYTON customers in the state. In addition, this license will also make it possible to directly retail vehicles online to customers in other states.

“From the beginning we believed that a hybrid retail model was essential in order to provide BYTON customers with the best possible ownership experience,” said, Jose Guerrero, Managing Director, BYTON Americas, LLC. “We’re building a retail model that has never been attempted in the US. It is important that we put the right pieces in place now in order to make the BYTON experience easy and enjoyable when we launch in the US in 2021.”

Watch for more announcements in the coming months as BYTON’s hybrid retail model comes to fruition.

In the last several months, BYTON has unveiled the production version of its first model, the M-Byte* SUV with its groundbreaking Shared Experience Display user interface, the industry’s first 48-inch screen. The company has also completed its state-of-the-industry production facility. The pieces are now in place to facilitate the launch of the BYTON M-Byte in China next year as well as its launch in the US and EU in 2021.

*M-Byte is not yet available for sale. Specifications are preliminary and may change without notice. The content herein is provided for informational purposes only.


BYTON is a global premium electric vehicle manufacturer that is creating the world’s first smart device on wheels. By integrating advanced digital technologies to offer a smart, connected, and comfortable mobility experience, the company is designing an EV that will meet the demands of an increasingly digital lifestyle now and into the future.

The company’s global headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing center are located in Nanjing, China. Its global R&D hub is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and devoted to the development of BYTON’s groundbreaking intelligent car experience, digital ecosystem, advanced connectivity, as well as other cutting-edge technologies. BYTON’s design and concept vehicle center is located in Munich, Germany.

BYTON’s core management team is made up of top innovators from leading-edge companies such as BMW, Tesla, Google, and Apple. This diverse group of leaders from China, Europe, and the US share the singular vision of creating an unprecedented automotive experience.

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