We at BYTON want to turn the car into the next-generation smart device. It is not only our designers, engineers and experts pushing the boundaries of mobility; we also need YOU to help drive this change. We want you to be a part of our BYTON family to define and shape the future of our products to make life more enjoyable while on the move.

Expanding horizons

Meet with top teams from China, the United States, and Germany to collaborate and combine ideas face-to-face. Leverage digital technology and remarkable design to change the user experience and make traveling more enjoyable in the future.

Meeting new friends

Here, as like-minded prospective car owners from all walks of life, let's talk about technology in today’s world and reimagine the future of cars.


Put yourself in the midst of the smart device revolution and turn your inspirations into reality.
Become a creator of the new era of personal mobility, and strive for excellence to benefit future BYTON owners around the world.

“By inviting core users to directly engage in the R&D process over the long-term, we believe the ‘BYTON Co-Creation’ program is the first of its kind among car brands. This program will not only help us gather valuable suggestions and feedback from our core users, but also strengthen our relationships and trust with them. This is a best example of our brand value of ‘Approachable’.”

- Dr. Daniel Kirchert, BYTON Night, June 12th, 2018