Turning connectivity into community

The most precious moments are those we share with others, which is what BYTON Place is all about: turning connectivity into community. Get connected with our brand, products, and people. Speak with our knowledgeable BYTON Companions who will guide you through the BYTON journey. You can also meet our experts via video conferencing, participate in presentations about our brand and technologies, and attend special events. This is the home of BYTON shared with the world and with our visitors.


Technology is becoming touching.

We use technology as the enabler to provide unforgettable experiences, create connections, and elevate inspiration: BYTON Place brings technology to life. Learn how technology and design can shape a future that is completely yours.

AR Table

Insights with impact.

Get closer to our BYTON cars and learn about our technology with Augmented Reality.

VR Experience

Explore our cars in every form imaginable.

Immerse yourself in newly developed VR films starring our M-Byte concept.

Shared Experience Display

Let’s get full screen.

Experience our highly intuitive user interface.

Knowledge Wall

Dive into the world of BYTON.

Explore the combination of physical and digital elements of our car.


Let’s connect.

Get the latest news about our brand, participate in presentations by BYTON Companions and attend special events.


BYTON Place Shanghai

Shanghai, China

Opening Hours

Daily 10am - 9pm